Baker Rink: 93 and Counting

Baker Rink, Princeton, N.J.

Baker Rink, Princeton, N.J>Cornerstone at Baker Rink, Princeton University

Baker Rink on the campus of Princeton University is not the oldest hockey rink in America. Mathews Arena at Northeastern University in Boston opened in 1910 and the Calumet Colosseum in Michigan’s Upper Penisula was built in 1913.

Baker Rink dates from 1922. It is over 90 years old and continues to be the home of the Princeton University men’s and women’s ice hockey teams. It only seats 2,000 and is as good a place to watch a hockey game as you’ll find anywhere.

Vintage photo of Princeton hockey team

Too bad they don’t still wear those striped leggings.

Corridor at Baker Rink, Princeton UniversitySpectators at Baker Rink Princeton hockey game

Baker Rink, Princeton University

Hobie Baker AwardHobie Baker Plaque

Baker Rink is named after Hobie Baker. A member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Baker led Princeton to the national championship in 1912 and 1914. He later enlisted in the Air Force and served in Europe during World War I. He did in 1918 in a place crash in France.

The Hobie Baker Award, shown above, is given out each year to the outstanding player in men’s college hockey. The award for the best women’s college hockey player is also named after a Princeton skater, Patty Kazmaier. A member of the class of 1986, she played four years at Princeton and was the Most Valuable Player in the Ivy League in her senior year. Kazmaier also passed away prematurely, dying from a rare blood disease at age 28.

Vintage photo of Princeton hockey team


Face off, Princeton vs. Brown

and today

Princeton band at hockey game

It may be hockey, but it’s still the Ivy League

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2 Responses to Baker Rink: 93 and Counting

  1. Interesting that two of their best players over the years died so young. They sure have kept the rink modern and up to date.


  2. Jason @ says:

    I’ve never been to a hockey game before. I would like to check one out though. Looks like a fun place to see a game.


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