Venice Photo Blog — Giudecca

Canal GiudeccaGiudecca is a residential island in the southern lagoon of Venice. It is made up of 8 small islands connected by bridges. It is only accessible from the rest of the city by boat or water taxi.

Giudecca waterfrontGiudecca canalResidential street in Giudecca

Bakery in GiiudeccaThe MIlan Club of Giudecca

Giudecca church

Il Redentore

Hotel Cipriani grounds

Grounds at the Hotel Cipriani

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4 Responses to Venice Photo Blog — Giudecca

  1. Being the bread lover that I am the picture of the fresh bread in the window really got me going! Lol. The find of the hotel are gorgeous though too. 🙂


  2. Joseph Nebus says:

    I like that Milan Club shop front.


  3. Fun pictures, Ken! I love the colors and how serene it all looks.


  4. I want to go to Venice! Great pictures. I hope to experience it for real one day.


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