Streets of Milan

Vitorio Emanuele strett scene

Corso Vitorio Emanuele

Galleria Vitorio Emanuale archway

Archway of the Galeria Vitorio Emanuele

Princi Bakery

street performerMilan shop window

Home of The Last Supper

Santa Maria della Grazie, home of The Last Supper

Ruins in MilanBiblioteca Ambrosiana

Milan train station

Stazione di Milano Centrale

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4 Responses to Streets of Milan

  1. Wow those are some funky shoes! Were those for sale somewhere or just party of an exhibit? Definitely flashy.


  2. KEN! So much fun that we both posted about Milan this week! I love also that you have different views of the same streets I have taken photos of. Isn’t it wonderful that two people can be in the same place and see different things? Love it. Great shots!


  3. maxwell ivey says:

    hi ken; thanks for sharing your trip to milan with us. can’t check out the photos myself but know they are awesome. take care, max


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