Frida Kahlo self portrait

Images are from the Frida Kahlo Art Garden Life exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden. It includes a small collection of Kahlo’s works highlighted by the self portrait that adorns the exhibit banner shown above. The setting is a botanical garden so there is a recreation of the gardens in Casa Azul where Kahlo lived with Diego Rivera and an exhibition of Mexican trees, plants and flowers..

The Two Fridas (shown below) is an artwork created by Humberto Spindola. It is adorned by Kahlo-style dresses and was inspired by the artist’s double self portrait.

The Two Fridas

Kahlo Museum

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3 Responses to Frida

  1. Jen Baumann says:

    we went last week! Loved it.

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  2. I absolutely love Kahlos work. I’ve been able to see a few pieces here and there in various art museums, but would love to see a collection. I really should read a biography about her one of these days. I really liked the movie that came out about her a while back where she was played by Salma Hayek.

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