Some Words of Wisdom from FDR


FDR Library and Museum

Photos are from the Franklin Delano Roosevelt National Historic Site in Hyde Park, N.Y., including the FDR home and the Presidential Library and Museum.

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

FDR quote

FDR's home

Springwood, FDR’s home

Rockwell posters

FDR’s four freedoms, as illustrated by Normal Rockwell

Freedom From Fear

This is the work of Edwina Sandys, Winston Churchill’s grandaughter. The figures were cut from pieces of the Berlin Wall. A companian piece is at the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library in Fulton, Mo.

Roosevelt graves

RIP Franklin and Eleanor

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17 Responses to Some Words of Wisdom from FDR

  1. Good one, Ken. Especially just coming back from a tour of the Pearl Harbor Museum.

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  2. Phoenicia says:

    You take some great photographs. I like the photograph of the outside of the home – the grounds!


  3. lenie5860 says:

    Ken – my favourites – The FDR quote, The test of progress…………. and the sculpture at the top.


  4. Leora says:

    Interesting! Love sculpture of the two at a table, looking relaxed and friendly. I also enjoyed the sculpture by the granddaughter – quite different than the other photos. Would be fun to visit his home.


  5. Nice photos, Ken. Wish your right wing politicians would adapt his words of wisdome instead of advocating fear and hatred:-)

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  6. Donna Janke says:

    Great photos. I love the quote about the test of progress being whether we provide enough for those who have too little.


  7. Love the photos, Ken. This is a great place to bring the kids over the summer. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Great pictures. Our country and headed need some words of wisdom right now


  9. heraldmarty says:

    No question the Roosevelt clan were an inspiring lot. I’m a fan of them all, including Teddy (love the book River of Doubt on his exploits on the Amazon) but I must confess Eleanor has always been my favorite. I agree with others here, you take some great photos Ken. Thanks for the inspiration.


  10. I only visited the ground floor of his childhood home in NYC, but I remember a shirt in a display case where he got shot, but then he delivered his speech anyway. He was one tough dude. I’ve been meaning to read a biography about him for ages now. He did so much for conservation efforts.


  11. emfoodcoach says:

    That is such a slice of history. Hard to believe that was less than 100 years ago. I love Norman Rockwell paintings. Thanks for sharing your great photos!


  12. Thx for this post, Ken. My husband would love this site, as he is a real fan of FDR. I’m sure he’s watched the Roosevelts series on PBS several times!


  13. Andy says:

    Re words of wisdom, Wikiquote maintains a large collection of FDR quotes:

    Here’s one that’s particularly relevant to America’s long election season:
    “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.”

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  14. What a great post. My father had grown up through the depression, and his respect for Roosevelt was constant. I live in New York State, but never have visited this yet. Thanks for sharing this with us, It will be a place for me to visit next summer.


  15. Jason @ says:

    Nice photos. Don’t know much about FDR, but I heard he was a great president.


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