Pictures of Newark

Clock with no hands

Founded in 1666, Newark is the third oldest city in the U.S. behind only New York and Boston.

Griffith Building


Between 2006 and 2008 Newark led the nation in reduction of violent crime.

Blind justice

A Newark drug store owner named William Townley created the PAAS Easter Egg Dyeing Kit in 1893.

Canned beer was introduced to the world by the Krueger Brewery of Newark in 1935.

Anheuser Busch brewery

for rent

(Newark facts are from Newark Happening and 50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know ¬†About Newark.)

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16 Responses to Pictures of Newark

  1. Well its certainly not going to win a most beautiful city award. But it is great to hear the violent crime is going down. They are on the right track


  2. Phoenicia says:

    I know very little about Newark. It looks rather built up and buzzy. I guess it has an urban feel.


  3. Good news that crime is going down. Also interesting to see what Newark looks like because it’s unlikely I will ever visit.


  4. Have been to and enjoyed New York City and the Big Apple it signifies but never to Newark. Had always perceived it as a poor cousin and not worth visiting. Your post and pictures make interesting reading and viewing.


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  5. heraldmarty says:

    When I worked in travel industry sales my “territory” was the east coast so I have been through New Jersey many times. A client of mine used to refer to it as “The Armpit of America” and while I agree it’s great they’ve managed to reduce crime, from your photos I don’t see that it’s otherwise changed much over the years.


  6. Donna Janke says:

    It was interesting to read there was such a significant reduction in violent crime. Has that decline continued since 2008?


  7. Interesting photos. I think I was in Newark once at the airport on a stormy night. Thanks for sharing some history.


  8. Love the ongoing history lessons, Ken. I’ve only been in the outskirts of Newark once other than in/out of the airport. You are creating quite the tour guide!


  9. What a wonderful city that Newark has that I was unaware of.
    Great photos too, thanks for sharing.


  10. Andy says:

    Two points:
    (1) Most if not all cities of any size are going to have their fair share of urban blight. Newark isn’t ‘beautiful’? Welcome to the club.
    (2) I see from the Newark Happening “Fun Facts” page that Newark has a ‘claim’ on Oreos and m&m’s – I would certainly boast about that if I were a Newark native.

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  11. Erica says:

    Thanks for the pictures of Newark. I’ve flown into Newark airport as well as driven through Newark. But I’ve never stopped to look around. Glad to hear there has been a reduction in crime in recent years. Would love to see a day when it transforms into a booming city. With its proximity to NYC, it definitely has the potential.

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  12. mswebmaven says:

    I enjoy seeing a post about Newark. We enjoy the museum. Good to hear good thing about the city.


  13. mswebmaven says:

    I enjoy seeing a post about Newark. We used to have a good time at their museum. May the city continue to grow in a positive way.


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