A Day By the Falls

Hamilton Statue

When Alexander Hamilton looked out at the Great Falls in Paterson, N.J., he envisioned the city of industry, powered by the rushing waters of the Passaic River.  In 1792 he formed the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures (S.U.M.), the funding from which led to the development of the nation’s first planned industrial city around this site.

S.U.M. power plant

The S.U.M. Great Falls Power Plant opened in 1914, converting the power of the falls into electicity. It was shut down for a time in the 1970’s and 80’s, but was renovated and reopened in 1986. To this day the plant produces green, environmentally friendly hydroelectric power

Made in Paterson

'Ole 299'

‘Ole 299’ was built by the American Locomotive Cooke Works in Paterson. It was acquired by the Panama Railroad Company and played a part in the building of the Panama Canal. It nows sits outside the entrance to the Paterson Museum.

The Silk City

Spruce Street

Spruce Street in the heart of the Great Falls Historic District

The Great Falls

Photos from the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park and the Paterson Museum.

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21 Responses to A Day By the Falls

  1. heraldmarty says:

    Fascinating Ken. I have never been to Paterson, but I am a total sucker for museums no matter where they are. Silk City looks especially interesting and I think I’ll have to look it up to learn a little more. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    • Ken Dowell says:

      Silk City is a name given to Paterson because of the all the silk mills that grew up there in the 19th century. There was a major silk strike in Paterson in 1903 and many of the mills suffered losses or moved their opertions to other cities.


  2. Sabrina Q. says:

    So beautiful! I love the waterfall picture. I’ll need to visit there with my family. Looks like a neat place. It’s not too far from where we are.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is great. As a west coaster I know very little about the smaller places on the East Viast. Clearly it was a place of import – the silk mill also reminded me of some of the Nirthern towns in England that were once landmarks because of their industrial revolution importance. Most are now museums or in historical districts.

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  4. Fascinating history about the city where I was born. I never knew any of this background, Ken.

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  5. On my list of places to see this year.

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  6. Nice pictures of places on the East Coast I have never even heard of.

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  7. Thanks for sharing some pics from the town you were born in. It would be great fun if all of us bloggers got together and did a hometown blog hop. It’s fun to see where people come from.


  8. lenie5860 says:

    Ken , when you mentioned Alexander Hamilton I thought you were going to talk about Niagara Falls since we have a city called Hamilton not to far from there and it was also an industrial town based on steel. Then I realized you were talking about a complete different set of falls at Paterson. I wonder if this Hamilton had anything to do with the naming of the city here in Ontario.
    You have some gorgeous pictures here, really enjoyed them.


  9. Eileen lewis says:

    I think it’s worth mentioning that one of the worlds greatest comedians, Lou Costello was born there als and mentioned Paterson in his movies all of the time! Also the birthplace and home of baseballs Larry Doby!

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  10. I was unaware of so much history in Patterson.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, next time I am down there, I will definitely check these sites out.


  11. Arleen says:

    I have never been in the town of Paterson, just see the exist off of highway 19. Looks like an interesting town to visit and not that far from South Jersey


  12. I love these history lessons and your great pictures, Ken.

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  13. tuhinmech says:

    Looks damn good!
    This place holds some precious historical memories, I see.

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  14. Jason @ TheButlerJournal.com says:

    Those are some nice pictures. The waterful is beautiful.


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