The Odd Wisdom of Werner Herzog

Quotes from Werner Herzog’s TimesTalks interview at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this week.

“I find it odd that people are striving for happiness as a primary goal in life.”

“I’m really not into much the notion of being hopeful or not.”

“You  find these people stepping into the bus with a frozen smile to show how  happy they are. It’s just awful.”

“Equal rights for all humanity is a much more dignified goal than personal happiness.”

“Documentary film must divorce itself from journalism.”

“Most of my documentary films are feature films in disguise pretending to be a documentary.”

“Nobody can fully answer whether the Internet dreams of itself.”

“My public persona, of course, a lot of it is invention by today’s digital media.”

“In my private person, I’m a fluffy husband.”

And, from Lo and Behold, the Herzog documentary film being shown at Sundance: “Have the monks stopped meditating? Have they stopped praying? They all seem to be tweeting.”

The full video of Herzog’s interview, which also includes Joshua Oppenheimer, can be seen here.


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3 Responses to The Odd Wisdom of Werner Herzog

  1. Those are some quirky quotes. Some amusing, some thought provoking and some a little odd. 🙂


  2. Odd for sure. I’d be in the non-fan category. I smile all the time–from being happy and trying to spread that in a dark world–not because I’m pretending. Jeez.

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  3. The snippits are appreciated….a Herzog interview is too painful to sit through. “Grizzly Man” yikes

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