Rome: Magnificence in Ruin


Foro Romano. The center of public life in ancient Rome.

Arco di Constantino

Arco di Constantino. Built in 315 to commemorate a military victory by Constantine I

Arco di Septimius Severus

Arco di Septimius Severus. Another triumphal arch built to commemorate military victory. This one was erected in 203 honoring the exploits of Emperor Septimius Severus.

Ruin of a fountain

A fountain

Foro di Augusto

Foro di Augusto. Dedicated in 2 BC this temple was built by the Emperor Augustus to honor Mars, the Roman God of War. Generals heading off to battle would start from here.

Foro di Traiano

Right next door is the Foro di Traiano built in 113 and enhanced with materials plundered after Emperor Trajan’s conquest of Dacia.

Circus Maximus

This is all that’s left of Circus Maximus the site of Ancient Rome’s chariot races. The green area on the right is where the racetrack once stood.

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina. Built in 141 by the Emperor Antoninus Pius in honor of his deceased wife Faustina.

Ruins of Anciebnt Rome

Roman ruins


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30 Responses to Rome: Magnificence in Ruin

  1. Wonderful photos, Ken! I only got to spend one quick night/day in Rome, so we mapped out what highlights we wanted to see and we did a whirlwind tour, still having time to have a great lunch and visit a farmer’s market (one of my loves whenever I travel.) But I would love to go back and have a closer look at everything you have shared here.

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  2. ramonamckean says:

    Ken, did you ever visit the catacombs in the Rome area? I found those fascinating.


  3. GP Cox says:

    One can’t wonder what life must have really been like when these buildings were in their prime! Such history is still contained within the once so sturdy walls.

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  4. Sabrina Quairoli says:

    Great images. Not much has changed since I was there in the 80s. LOL Romans made things that last.

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  5. Rome is a wonderful place and part of our European heritage. Caesar is one of the most interesting people who ever lived. Much of what he came up with is still used today, such as the Julian calendar.

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  6. Mina A Joshi says:

    Again another set of breathtaking pictures which gives one an insight into one of the worlds oldest civilisation. It’s amazing how they managed to make such beautiful gigantic buildings.

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  7. Phoenicia says:

    Another place I am yet to visit.

    Is there as much graffiti as people say? There is no evidence of it in these photographs which are stunning by the way. You have truly captured the beauty of these buildings.

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  8. The pictures are incredible Ken. I just find it breathtaking to stand there and imagine the events that occurred at those historical sites. And to think that some of the structures are still standing, if only partially, is amazing.


  9. Erica says:

    Gosh, your post made so wistful. Such great pictures! I’ve never been to Rome, but my mother’s best friend from high school now lives there permanently. She’s mentioned that she has a vacation rental home that I can stay in if I ever want to go to Rome. I haven’t made it there yet, but now I’m thinking that I really should.

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  10. Donna Janke says:

    Isn’t it amazing to see all those structures and realize how old they are and what history occurred? I hope to see Rome for myself one day.

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  11. your post and photos are giving me so much wanderlust feels! Rome is one of my travel bucket list and looking at these pictures just makes me wanna jump on the next plane to Rome.

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  12. lenie5860 says:

    Ken, last Sunday I was at an Italian event and I was telling the couple we spent time with about your post about the Roman Coliseum. They have been there several times and I know they will love this post so I am going to send them the link. I’m sure they will have seen it so this should bring back pleasant memories.

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  13. heraldmarty says:

    Wonderful photos Ken. We are so fortunate these ruins have been preserved as well as they have because they give us such an amazing glimpse into the past. Just imagining what it must have been like when these were in use kind of boggles the mind.


  14. Thanks for including the descriptions–the dates are amazing. Every time I have traveled in Europe (not Rome yet!), I am startled again and again at the beauty and age of things. Really stops you in your track when you think about it. Enduring history.

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  15. Beautiful photos Ken! Love them all
    Which camera do you use for your pictures?
    Never been to Rome, planning to go this summer


  16. The Roman ruins pictured here remind me of the ruins of the Ancient Agora in Athens in many ways. It’s literally like walking back in time to explore such places…


  17. Great pictures. There is more left of Roman structures than other ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks, mostly because of the concrete and mortar they used. Roman’s added Volcanic dust to their mixture, which makes it last longer.


  18. Excellent pictures. Seems like you went at a good time because there isn’t much of a crowd.


  19. sir you must visit Indoneisa This is Beautifull Place, Indonesia Have Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temble or more than many temple to beautifull


  20. Andy says:

    Chariot racing at the Circus Maximus? So that’s where NASCAR comes from. 😉

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