Some wire, wood and fabric; some wool blankets, beads and human hair.

Making Knowing: Craft in Art, 1950-2019

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Kitchen, Liza Lou
Kitchen, Liza Lou. beads, plaster, wood and found objects
Swimmer, Mary Frank
Swimmer, Mary Frank. earthenware
Giant BLT, Claes Oldenburg
Giant BLT, Claes Oldenburg. vinyl, kapok, painted wood and wood
Untitled, Robert Gober
Untitled, Robert Gober. wax, cloth, wood, leather and human hair
Angel: The Shoe Shiner, Pepon Osorio
Angel: The Shoe Shiner, Pepon Osorio. painted wood, rubber, fabric glass, ceramic, shells, painted cast iron, hand-tinted photographs, paper, mirror, two video monitors
No title, Eva Hess
No title, Eva Hess. latex, rope, string and wire
Skywalker/Skyscraper, Marie Watt
Skywalker/Skyscraper, Marie Watt, reclaimed wool blankets and steel
Me Man, Viola Frey
Me Man, Viola Frey. glazed ceramic
Portals, Njideka Akunyill Crosby
Portals, Njideka Akunyill Crosby. acrylic, solvent transfer, collage of fabric and paper, colored pencil on paper
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9 Responses to Some wire, wood and fabric; some wool blankets, beads and human hair.

  1. bballscholar says:

    This is interesting.


  2. Adam Zucker says:

    I’m finally going there on Monday…Can’t wait!

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  3. Pam Lazos says:

    Wow, just wow!!


  4. Donna Janke says:

    Interesting collection. It would be fun to see. I particularly like Kitchen by Liza Lou.

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  5. How are you, Ken? I guess that the new Whitney is one of your favorite museums. Have you been there often?

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  6. Red Velvet says:

    Amazing collections Ken,get in touch with Red Velvet and open your eyes to some of the best fabrics and tassels!


  7. I love this kind of art work, amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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