Finding Sculpture on the Seligman Farm

Three Spirals at Seligman Center
Three Spirals, Julius Medwin. Medwin, who passed away in 2019, maintained a studio in nearby Warwick, N.Y.

The Swiss painter Kurt Seligman was born in Basel in 1900, the son of a furniture store owner. He became a member of the Paris surrealist group and came to New York City in 1939 for an exhibition of his paintings. Europe in 1939 was not a good place to be for a surrealist painter and Seligman and his wife Arlette made a home for themselves on 40th Street in Manhattan. Seligman taught for many years at Brooklyn College. The couple bought a farm in Sugar Loaf, a small artsy village in Orange County, N.Y., where they moved after Kurt retired.

Kurt and Arlette Seligman homestead
Kurt and Arlette Seligman homestead
Seligman guest house
Max Ernst once slept in this guest house on the Seligman property

Seligman died in 1962. Arlette bequeathed the Sugar Loaf estate to the Orange County Citizens Foundation, a local non-profit. The OCCF maintains an office at the Seligman site. The homestead is used for galleries, events and performances. Across the street from the main house is the Seligman Center, founded in 2010 by the foundation to display Seligman’s paintings and prints.

All of that is closed during the pandemic. But on the grounds of the old Seligman property are a number of sculptures, many by local artists. They are open to the public, but don’t expect a sculpture park. This is more like a scavenger hunt, finding the works of art behind the buildings and around the 50-acre property.

Here’s what I found:

Book Tree, Jed Bark
Book Tree, Jed Bark
Headless Woman, Michael Jamieson
Headless Woman, Michael Jamieson, Sloatsburg, N.Y.
The Eventual Outcome of an Instant, Sue Wrbican
The Eventual Outcome of an Instant, Sue Wrbican
Kurt and Arlette; Sky and Ground, Maxine Leu and Michael Asbil
Kurt and Arlette; Sky and Ground, Maxine Leu and Michael Asbil, a graduate student and professor, respectively, at SUNY New Paltz
Crazy Column, Bernard Kirschenbaum
Crazy Column, Bernard Kirschenbaum
Leopards, Shayne Hayson
Leopards, Shayne Hayson (member of the OCCF)
Woods behind Seligman house
Found in the woods behind the homestead
Seligman birdhouses
Seligman Center
The Seligman Center where, during normal times, Kurt’s paintings and prints are on display
Seligman graveyard
Small graveyard behind the main building where the Seligmans are buried
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4 Responses to Finding Sculpture on the Seligman Farm

  1. That’s a fascinating place. Scavenger hunts can have a lot going for them.

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  2. He is represented in yhe Museum of Modern Art in NYC. His book on Magic is still in print, as reprints.

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  3. Henry Lewis says:

    Looks like a fun scavenger hunt!


  4. Great fun and a welcome escape from everything going on these days. So many places to see once things open up again!

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