Polka Dots in the Gardens

Kusama at the New York Botanical Garden

Yayoi Kusama is a 92-year-old contemporary artist from Japan. Known mostly for sculpture and installations, her works are currently on display at the New York Botanical Garden. The NYBG exhibit, titled Cosmic Nature, is focused on the natural world. Originally trained as a painter, Kusama was a follower of 1960’s counter-culture and at one time organized “happenings” with naked participants painted with polka dots. Lots of polka-dots in the new exhibit…but no nudity.

Starry pumpkin
Starry pumpkin,
Ascension of polka dots on the trees.
Ascension of polka dots on the trees.
Kusama-inspired flower garden
Kusama-inspired flower garden
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5 Responses to Polka Dots in the Gardens

  1. Absolutely stunning! You’ve made my Sunday morning brighter (well, your photos and this cup of coffee). 🙂

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  2. Donna Janke says:

    I really like these bold and colourful pieces. So cheerful

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  3. Still haven’t made it to a Kusama installation! I think I just missed one at the Cleveland Museum of Art when I was visiting a few years ago, and I was booked into the infinity rooms at the Tate in May 2020, so you can imagine how that turned out. It sold out before I could rebook this year, but maybe I’ll get there eventually if they release more tickets. I love her pumpkins, though I’m not sold on the dancing one. Looks a bit too octopus-like for me!

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    • Ken Dowell says:

      You have to see the dancing pumpkin from the inside. My picture doesn’t do it justice. The exhibit at NYBG was originally scheduled for last summer but was postponed until this year. Tickets went pretty fast here too, only got them because of NYBG membership.

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