Jasper Johns: Seven Decades

From the recent Mind/Mirror exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art


Target with Four Faces, 1955
Target with Four Faces, 1955



Decoy, 1971




Numbers, 2007



Untitled, 2021

At age 91, Jasper Johns continues to produce works of art.

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5 Responses to Jasper Johns: Seven Decades

  1. retrosimba says:

    Age 91? Remarkable! May we all be able to remain so creative …..

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  2. Donna Janke says:

    It is interesting to see the Jasper Johns’ work over time. There are some fascinating pieces. It is also interesting to hear he is still producing art after all these decades. You’ve written about many exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art. I hope I get to visit it some day.

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  3. jmankowsky says:

    Great selection of work. I had no idea Jasper Johns was still alive!


  4. Tamara Jare says:

    Fascinating 🌟

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