If I knew what these flowers were, I’d tell you about them.

Kew Gardens, London

The Hive

Created by Wolfgang Buttress, the Hive attempts to recreate the world of bees at a human-sized level. If you block out the sound of the human visitors, the sound you hear in the background is the sound of bees communicating.
The Hive
Temperate House
Temperate House originally opened in 1863
King William's Temple
King William’s Temple dates back to 1837.
Princess of Wales Conservatory
sarracenia leucophylla
Stand back! The sarracenia leucophylla, which is listed as a vulnerable species, is carnivorous. It traps, kills and devours insects.
Kew Gardens
Kew Gardens
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8 Responses to If I knew what these flowers were, I’d tell you about them.

  1. Donna Janke says:

    i really enjoyed visiting Kew Gardens. I visited once in the mid 1980s and more recently in 2019. Spent several hours there, but still have things to see in a future visit.

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  2. retrosimba says:

    Quite splendid. The Hive is surreal. Thanks for the chance to transport there via your blog.

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  3. The first flower under Kew Gardens seems a species of fuscia

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  4. Pam Lazos says:

    I know what they are — beautiful!! And I love those monkey puzzle trees. So cool. Enjoy your trip, Ken.

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  5. I love the monkey puzzle trees at Kew! And the greenhouse with the giant lily pads in it, though I always forget what it’s called. If you visit again around this time of year, would highly recommend going to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. It’s free, and absolutely gorgeous when it’s in bloom.

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