Boardwalk Gourmet

What to Eat at the Jersey Shore

The Best Pizza

There is no food that is consumed more on New Jersey’s oceanfront boardwalks than pizza. Any town that has a commercial boardwalk, has at least one pizza joint on every block. These two are my favorites.

Mack’s, Wildwood

Perhaps the reason I can’t choose one of these pizza joints over the other is that they’re blood relatives. Their common ancestry goes back to Anthony and Lena Macaroni who operated a restaurant in Trenton. On Memorial Day in 1953, Anthony, Lena and their three sons Joseph, Vincent and Duke opened Mack’s Pizza on the boardwalk in Wildwood. A few years later, in 1956, Anthony, Vincent and cousin Vince Manco opened a shop on the Ocean City boardwalk which they named Mack & Manco. Mary Bangle, daughter of Frank Manco, and her husband Charles Bangle purchased the Ocean City operation in 2011 and renamed it Manco & Manco. In 2017-18, Charles Bangle spent 13 months in jail on tax evasion charges. Mary got three years probation. It had no effect on the pizza.

The Best Fries

They’ll fry anything on the boardwalk.

Curley’s is a Wildwood landmark.

But the best fries are in the Boss’ old stomping grounds, Asbury Park, just a block away from Madame Marie’s and across the street from the Stone Pony.

Best coffee

No contest. It’s Ocean City Coffee Company. Pay no heed that Starbuck’s opened a block away.

Ocean City coffee

Atlantic City’s primary contribution to the culinary world is salt water taffy. There is a story about a storm in the Atlantic in the 1880’s that washed out a storage bin full of taffy at a candy store in Atlantic City run by David Bradley. Perhaps tongue in cheek, he gave the remaining product the name salt water taffy. That may or may not be true, but we know that Joseph Fralinger was the leader in commercializing the sweet treat (a product that includes no salt water among its ingredients). His first competitor was Enoch James.  Today, both brands are owned by James Candy Co. (an outfit that is in Chapter XI) and each still has a branded store on the boardwalk.

In Ocean City, this is the signature sweet:

And in Wildwood, it’s this:

Laura's Fudge
Laura’s Fudge
If you’re on the boardwalk and you don’t see one of these, you’re not in Jersey anymore.

And for some non-traditional boardwalk food, how about a Korean fusion taco, served out of this converted storage container on the Asbury Park boards.

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11 Responses to Boardwalk Gourmet

  1. Love this post, but I’m hungry now!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. retrosimba says:

    Thanks for bringing the Jersey Shore to everyone reading this post. I am dreaming of the pizza.

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  3. Bumba says:

    I briefly visited Ocean City in June, didn’t eat there. Now I’ll have to go back if just for the pizza.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Donna Janke says:

    Well, I’m hungry now. I just want to walk the boardwalk and keep snacking.

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  5. Pam Lazos says:

    Mack and Mancini is the best pizza anywhere outside of Italy! All the other stuff is great, too! I just had huckleberry taffy in Wyoming (awesome). Pretty sure they don’t do that at the shore, 😂 but Jersey is still the best!

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  6. Oh yum…brings back great memories of my childhood (Wildwood Crest, mostly).

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  7. Everything looks and sounds delicious. My mouth is salivating. Thanks for sharing. Linda

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  8. Yummy boardwalk! Just looking at the photos make my mouth water.

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  9. Americaoncoffee says:

    A delicious stretch.


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