Art on the Streets, Montreal

Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen
McGill University

Montreal car port
Macadam Park, Montreal
Partly Cloudy with High Possibilities of “WOW,” cooling trail in Macadam Park
Montreal mural on Mont Royal St.
Statue outside Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal
The English Pug and the French Poodle

Queensbridge Houses mural, Montreal
MIle End sculpture
Jurassic Fish, Glen LeMesurier
Montreal mural
Sculpture on grounds  of McGill University
Montreal sculpture
Old Port fireworks, Montreal
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13 Responses to Art on the Streets, Montreal

  1. Great tour of Montreal. Love the Leonard Cohen mural! Maggie

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  2. retrosimba says:

    The Leonard Cohen mural is awesome. What a cool presence he projects. I’ve been to Montreal, but you presented it in a way I hadn’t seen. Well done.

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  3. sportsdiva64 says:

    I haven’t been to Montreal in years. I had a layover on the way to Ottawa 2 years ago, but that was it. Hoping to make a 30 Plus Teams Tour of Montreal soon(hint hint!) Love all the street art. What you didn’t see any street art with Montreal Canadiens players, šŸ˜‚?

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  4. Donna Janke says:

    Love the art. It’s been a lot of years since I last visited Montreal. It would be fun to go back and explore the art on the streets.

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  5. ckennedy says:

    Lovely post! We haven’t been traveling lately, so it’s super fun to get a tour by blog. Cheers!

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  6. Pam Lazos says:

    Love all of these, especially the Leonard Cohen mural!

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  8. Rachel says:


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  9. nitinsingh says:

    Awesome pictures and post thnx


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