Alone in New York

Hopper's New York

From the Edward Hopper’s New York exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art

New York Interior, Edward Hopper
New York Interior
The Sheridan Theater, Edward Hopper
The Sheridan Theater
Study for Morning Sun, Edward Hopper
Study for “Morning Sun”
Morning Sun, Edward Hopper
Morning in the City, Edward Hopper
Morning in the City
Study for "City Sunlight" Edward Hopper
Study for “City Sunlight”
City Sunlight, Edward Hopper
New York Office, Edward Hopper
New York Office
Office in a Small City, Edward Hopper
Office in a Small City
Sunlight in a Cafeteria, Edward Hopper
Sunlight in a Cafeteria
Chair Car, Edward Hopper
Chair Car
Intermission, Edward Hopper
Room in New York, Edward Hopper
Room in New York
Automat, Edward Hopper
Night Windows, Edward Hopper
Night Windows


Self Portraits

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2 Responses to Alone in New York

  1. retrosimba says:

    Haunting and elegant. Thanks for sharing these images.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Saw a story on this exhibition on CBS Sunday Morning, looks great!


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