Savannah’s History in Bronze and Marble

Statues and Monuments in Savannah, Ga.’s, historic district.

Waving Girl
The Waving Girl is Savannah’s Florence Martus. Between 1887 and 1931 she waved a cloth as a greeting to ships entering the port of Savannah and to say goodbye to those heading out.
Les Chasseurs Volontaire de Saint Domingue
Les Chasseurs Volontaire de Saint Domingue were a regiment of soldiers from Haiti who volunteered for a campaign to capture Savannah from the British. They were the largest unit of soldiers of African descent to fight in the American Revolution.
A World Apart
A World Apart. Wiorld War II memorial honoring Chatham County, Ga., veterans who died in the war.
S.S. Savannah
In 1819, the S.S. Savannah became the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
John Wesley
John Wesley is best knows as the founder of Methodism. he spent some time in Savannah ministering to colonists beginning in 1735. The Reynolds Square site of this monument is believed to be near where he lived.
James Edward Oglethorpe
James Edward Oglethorpe , a British soldier and former Parliamentarian, is considered the founder of the colony of Georgia. During his time as colonial governor, he banned both slavery and alcohol.
Jewish burial plot
Oglethorpe welcomed the Jewish community to his colony and donated this plot to be used as a Jewish burial ground.
The African American Monument
The African American Monument in honor of Dr. Abbie H. Jordan, educator and community activist.
Nathaneal Greene monument
This monument to Revolutionary War hero Gen. Nathanael Greene is in Johnson Square. Greene’s remains are buried under the monument.
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6 Responses to Savannah’s History in Bronze and Marble

  1. Beautiful statues. I particularly liked the little friend that the Waving Girl has 🙂
    John Wesley looks like someone you wouldn’t want to cross, especially in this “dark” stanza, while Oglethorpe, well done to him. But I also notice that his sword is drawn.

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  2. Sam Gridley says:

    We have a nice stature of Nathanael Greene in Philly.

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  3. These ancient statues are so amazing. I saw these ancient old soldiers . This Girl is waving.
    Let’s follow our blogs. Anita

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  4. Donna Janke says:

    A really interesting collection of monuments. I’m partial to the Waving Girl, but all of them together provide a look in Savannah’s history.

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  5. We need to give Savannah another go, missed this on our first pass, spent with relatives.

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