How One Korean Dog, Plucked From a Cage in a Butcher Shop, Found a New Home and a New Name

A few months ago I posted a story about Adami, a one-year old Korean Golden Retriever who was rescued from a meat market by an animal rights activist and sent to Los Angeles through an arrangement with the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. Adami arrived with some serious medical issues and has been undergoing treatment since his arrival in April

I am now pleased to report that this story has a happy ending. Adami, who has since been renamed River, has been adopted by the Ladera Ranch, Calif., family who fostered him since the Spring. Here he is with his new family.

River adoption photo

River came to this country with a severe case of heartworm. He was originally treated with two injections of Immitricide. In May he was released to his foster family but his treatment required two additional hospital stays. In addition to his medical care, River had to be kept quiet, not an easy task considering he is a playful one year old and there are four children in his foster home.

In September, blood tests showed he was free of heartworm and he was put on heartworm prevention medication. One month later he was neutered and had a non-cancerous cyst removed from his head. He is also receiving training to socialize him with other dogs, something that became necessary because of his months of isolation. At this point he was ready for adoption and it was the foster family “won over with his beauty and sweet personality” that offered him a permanent home. Here’s what they have to say:

“After five months it’s a real treat to throw a ball in the backyard and be playful with our very own ‘River Boy.’  We didn’t know what we were taking on back in May but couldn’t be more thankful to have had this journey with him. We are so excited to officially make him a part of our family and finalize River’s adoption.”

The Tess McIntyre Foundation, of which I am a trustee, used funds contributed by donors to help pay the cost of River’s treatment. The foundation, a 501(c)3 charity founded last year, is dedicated to helping rescued dogs who need medical attention receive the care they need in order to be adopted. Contributions to the foundation can be made at the organization’s web site.

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6 Responses to How One Korean Dog, Plucked From a Cage in a Butcher Shop, Found a New Home and a New Name

  1. Louren says:

    Dog is best friend of man, but sometimes people not understand this!


  2. Anarette says:

    I am so glad he found a great home. There are so many like him that don’t.

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  3. What an uplifting story I loved it! Thank you


  4. That’s great that River found a good home. I often look at my rescue dog and wonder if anyone would have taken her home. River looks happy and well-adjusted. My rescue is such a basketcase, but I love her.

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  5. Love the story. I rescued 2 puppies from st.lucia and they were found in horrid conditions. They are my best friends and they have a wonderful life in Canada now. It is heart breaking to know there are so many out there needing homes and help, but stories like this help show others that they can help and these dogs can be awesome family dogs too.

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