Quintana Roo


Quintana Roo is one of 31 Mexican states. It is on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. These images start in Cancun and proceed south along the coast through the Riviera Maya region to Playa del Carman and end in Tulum, an overall distance about 80 miles.

Park Las Palapas, Cancun

Fairmont Mayakoba

Fifth Avenue, Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen store



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6 Responses to Quintana Roo

  1. I’ve never been to Mexico, which is a shame. I don’t recall any of my former students who came from migrant families mentioning Quintana Roo either. I should have crossed the border the night in El Paso, but after a day of driving all the way across Texas, all I wanted to do was flop my bones in that fancy Motel 6 bed!

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  2. BroadBlogs says:

    I might be headed to Tulum and September or October. I love seeing all of these pictures from around that area. There is something about Mexico that strikes me as quite romantic.

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  3. Such a beautiful state and country!

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  4. JoHanna Massey says:

    These photos are really great. Able to see a real cross section of the area. What does the log suspended by ropes? Thank you Ken, for just a beautiful pot.


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