Slithering Through the Reptile House


Water monitor

Mertens’ Water Monitor

Reptile and Amphibian House

Cape May County (N.J.) Park and Zoo

Cape May zoo snake

Burmese Python

Cape May Zoo turtle

Leopard Tortoise

Cape May Zoo snake

Green Tree Python

Cape May Zoo alligator

Chinese Alligator

Cape May Zoo turtle

Chinese Box Turtle

lizard eating lunch

Red Tegu

Cape May Zoo iguana

Rhinocerus Iguana

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8 Responses to Slithering Through the Reptile House

  1. Stunning photographs, Ken. (Can tortoises and turtles really be said to slither!)


  2. Awesome pics! My grandson has a bearded dragon.

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  3. Donna Janke says:

    Nice photos, although slithering things do creep me out!

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  4. Great images Ken. I find reptiles fascinating as long as they’re behind a glass enclosures 😄

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  5. Okay, yep, I couldn’t go too slowly through this one, Ken, being a totally non-reptile person! Check “good windows and Indiana jones” when you have a moment and laugh at me!

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  6. What amazing pictures!!

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