Big Art

City on the High Mountain
City on the High Mountain, Louise Nevelson

Storm King Art Center

a 500-acre outdoor sculpture park in Mountainville, N.Y.

Three-Fold Manifestation II
Three-Fold Manifestation II, Alice Aycock
Lockport, Lyman Kipp
Adonai, Alexander Liberman
Suspended, Menashe Kadishman
Gazebo for Two Anarchists
Gazebo for Two Anarchists: Gabriella Antolini and Alberto Antolini, Siah Armagani
Gazebo for Two Anarchists
Gabriella Antolini and her brother Alberto were imprisoned for transportation of explosives in the Youngstown Affair of 1918.
Five Modular Units
Five Modular Units, Sol LeWitt
Richard Stankiewicz sculpture at Storm King Art Center
1979-4, Richard Stankiewicz
Free Ride Home
Free Ride Home, Kenneth Snelson
Five Swords

Five Swords, Alexander Calder

One, George Sugarman
She, Mark di Suvero
She, Mark di Suvero
Pyramidian, Mark di Suvero

Pyramidian, Mark di Suvero

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4 Responses to Big Art

  1. Some great sculptures here Ken. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Ken, you definitely get around. “Off the leash”, for sure!


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  3. Donna Janke says:

    I love sculpture parks like, particularly when trees and shrubs form the backdrop for the art. It looks like Storm King Art Center has a diverse collection of sculptures.

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  4. Jean says:

    It was a great year, but I was just a little kid and not into The Velvet Underground!


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