Virtual MOMA: The Modern Classics

This is what’s going on in the Museum of Modern Art in New York this summer. The museum is closed while it undergoes a renovation, it is scheduled to reopen in October.

While MOMA itself is closed, Virtual MOMA takes you behind the closed doors for a look at the museum’s collection. These photos are from the fifth floor where you’ll find the paintings that MOMA is best known for, the early 20th century European masters. Lots of familiar stuff here. These are modern classics, the paintings that you see images of on tote bags, coffee mugs and coasters.

Y’all know what this is, right?
Picasso painting
Girl before a Mirror, Pablo Picasso
Matisse painting
Dance, Henri Matisse
Magritte painting
The Menaced Assassin, Rene Magritte
Ropusseau painting at MOMA
The Dream, Henri Rousseau
de Kooning at MOMA
Painting, Willem de Kooning
Kabndinsky at MOMA
Picture with an Archer, Vasily Kandinsky
Gauguin at MOMA
Still Life with Three Puppies, Paul Gauguin
Johns' Flag at MOMA
Flag, Jaspar Johns
Warhol at MOMA
Double Elvis, Andy Warhol
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6 Responses to Virtual MOMA: The Modern Classics

  1. close? thanks for the news and art.

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  2. Donna Janke says:

    What a great collection of art you’ve highlighted. I’d love to visit the MOMA when it re-opens.

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  3. Pam Lazos says:

    Never saw the double Elvis before. Cool!

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  4. Kelly MacKay says:

    Nice collection, I would enjoy it

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  5. bballscholar says:

    Thank you for these wonderful paintings! Don’t you just love art 😇

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