Virtual MOMA: Design, circa 1950

Musuem poster

Above is what the Museum of Modern Art in New York looks like right now. The museum is closed while it undergoes a renovation, it is scheduled to reopen in October.

While MOMA itself is closed, Virtual MOMA takes you behind the closed doors for a look at the museum’s collection. These photos are from the design floor. The Value of Good Design is a distinctly retro exhibit. In the 1950’s more and more Americans were becoming homeowners. This was due in part to the prosperity that followed World War II and because of the availability of affordable mortgages for GI’s. So it’s not surprising so much design of the times was geared for the modern homeowner, modern that is in a 50’s sort of way.

Broom, Stanley Home Products, 1955
Stuffed chair from tghe 40's
Overstuffed ‘Gorilla’ Armchair, Eliot Noyes, 1941
Retro table
Mobile table, Herman Miller Furniture, 1949
Clothes hanger at MOMA
Hang-it-All clothes hanger, Tigrett Enterprises, 1953
1950's record player
Radio-phonograph, Braun AG, 1956
Japanese counter scale
Counter scale, Teraoka Seiko Co., 1964
Sewing machine from the 40's
Freia portable electric sewing machine, Ernst Fischer, 1948
Outdoor thermometer
Outdoor thermometer, Swift & Anderson, 1930’s.
The Value of Good Design exhibit
Adjustable garden rake, Kenco Products,1945; Sportsman fishing rod, Louisville Tackle Co., 1945; Stag hunting bow, Metal-Life Products, 1946
Schaukelwagen (Rocking car), Hans Brockhage and Erwin Andra, 1950
Slinky, Richard and Betty James, 1945
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3 Responses to Virtual MOMA: Design, circa 1950

  1. I love these designs! I tried to go to MOMA in 2006, (a bit hungover admittedly) but it was closed! One of the most dissapointing moments of my life. :/

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  2. The Hang-it-All clothes hanger (Tigrett Enterprises, 1953), together with its shadows, creates an interesting composition.

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  3. I saw that Slinky and it made me smile instantly.


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