Museum of Art and Design-Miramar

Close Your Eyes, Vladimir Garcia
Close Your Eyes, Vladimir Garcia

The Museum of Art and Design-Miramar in San Juan, Puerto Rico is located in “The Pink House” at Cuevillas 607. The house was originally built as the home for Judge Luis Mendez-Vaz and his wife Maria Bagur. It was later purchased by their son Eduardo Mendez-Bagur. He bequeathed it to the Miramar community.

All of the works on display are by Puerto Rican artists.

Studebaker, platanos y machete, Miguel Luciano

Tourist Series, Aaron Salabarrias Valle

Designing Utopias, Nathan Budoff

Acrobat of Design, Lorenzo Homar

Jet Black, Carlos Davila Rinaldi
Jet Black, Carlos Davila Rinaldi
Art Deco Radio
Art Deco Radio, RCA Victor, 1940
Native Bike, Bobby Cruz
Native Bike, Bobby Cruz
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5 Responses to Museum of Art and Design-Miramar

  1. Donna Janke says:

    Very interesting pieces. I’m adding the Museum of Art and Design-Miramar to my list of things to see when I’m in San Juan.

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  2. Henry Lewis says:

    Just more gravy for those of us who love Latin American art! Thanks for sharing Ken!

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  3. sportsdiva64 says:

    Love the pictures of the paintings from this museum , especially the senora wearing her best bathing suit with her green curlers in her hair. Sorry, that reminds me of the Puerto Rican and Dominican ladies here in New York City who do the same thing and look oh so mas linda!

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  4. inese says:

    Some works are quite curious 🙂


  5. Pam Lazos says:

    Wait, are those people real? I’ve seen some window art in L.A. where a model would stand in the window and turn or move ever so slightly every few minutes but never enough to indicate real movement, just like the character Turn Around Norm in the Tom Robbins book (I forget which one, maybe “Skinny Legs and All”).

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