In the forest, old trees give way to the new.

In winter you see their broken trunks splayed about the forest floor.

Come spring the woods turn green,

and they are forgotten.

MIlls Reservation
MIlls Reservation
MIlls Reservation
MIlls Reservation
MIlls Reservation
MIlls Reservation

Photos from Mills Reservation, Cedar Grove and Montclair, N.J.

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7 Responses to Treefall

  1. They return to the earth. Good forestry practice.

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  2. One of the cycles of life.

    See ya, Ken.

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  3. Love this! I just read the New Yorker piece (from a couple issues back) on bristlecone pines: “The Past and Future of the Earth’s Oldest Trees.” (Google: “bristlecone pines new yorker” and it will pop right up. If you haven’t already read it … it’s totally worth the time.) Your photos are wonderful — finding beauty in the dead of winter, which you have, takes an artistic eye.

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  4. The fallen may be forgotten, but they bring new life to the forest, as Michael notes.

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  5. Pam Lazos says:

    Except the critters don’t forget them because they are calling it home! The circle of life. ;0)

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