Sheltering in Place with Nature II

Goosepond sign at parking area

For most of the past month, or has it been six weeks, I’ve rarely ventured further than my backyard. But an occasional walk in the woods with my dog makes spending the rest of the week in the house a lot easier. When last seen Sheltering in Place with Nature, I was roaming around Garret Mountain Reservation in Woodland Park, N.J. Since then all state and county parks in New Jersey have been closed down. So I had to head north of the border (the New York/New Jersey border) to get a quick hike in. These photos are from Goosepond Mountain State Park in Chester, N.Y.

Goosepond is an undeveloped state park in Orange County, N.Y. There are no facilities other than trails for hiking and horseback riding. The Highlands Trail, a 100+ mile trail that goes from the Hudson River in New York to the Delaware River in New Jersey goes through Goosepond Mountain Park. The trail passes through land at the southern end of the park which was purchased by the Open Space Institute, a New York-based conservation organization, in 2016, preserving it from a planned golf course and residential development. The OSI turned the land over to the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, making it part of Goosepond Mountain State Park and connecting that park to Sterling Forest State Park.

broken tree
Goosepond Mountain State Park
Goosepond tree
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9 Responses to Sheltering in Place with Nature II

  1. Donna Janked says:

    It’s so nice to get out for a walk in nature at any time, but especially during these times of shelter-in-place.

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  2. Bhagyashree says:

    Great pictures! 🌸

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  3. So pretty, makes me miss spring in the NY/NJ area for sure!

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  4. Pam Lazos says:

    Thanks for getting out into the open for the rest of us, Ken! I haven’t gone to a park because they are usually more crowded than the trails where I walk the dog, plus the rain has been abundant lately, but I could use a change of scenery soon.

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  5. Looks like you enjoyed a gorgeous spring day and some nice solitude. Except for your buddy.


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