The Jukebox Story, In Song

Songs about jukeboxes are nothing new. If fact, that go as far back as Perry Como.

All your lunchtime money goes down the slot

You could live on air if the music’s hot

You just ain’t quittin’ till ya rock that clock around

(Choo-choo-wah, choo-choo-wah, shooby-doo-wah)

Jukebox baby, you’re the swingin’-est doll in town

By far the most common jukebox song is what I’d call the “cry in your beer dirge.” These songs feature a guy sitting in a bar who has lost his wife or girlfriend or lover. And, of course, what comes on the jukebox? Well, it’s what used to be “our song.”

In the corner of my mind stands a jukebox

It’s playing all my favorite memories

One by one they take me back

To the days when you were mine

And i can’t stop this jukebox in my mind

And Another.

I want a drink, and here’s a twenty

And bring my change in dimes

There’s a song on the jukebox

I want to hear a thousand times

It used to be our love song

We played it here before

So let’s be sure it’s playing

When she walks through that door

Only one way to put a stop to all this sadness,

Bubba shot the jukebox last night

Said it played a sad song it made him cry

Went to his truck and got a forty five

Bubba shot the jukebox stopped it with one shot

But wait, it’s not all sadness. In an era before online dating, you could find love right beside the jukebox.

If I didn’t have a dime and I didn’t take the time

To play the jukebox

Oh, Saturday night would’ve been a sad

And lonely night for me

And if you weren’t standin’ there

Ruby lips and golden hair, beside the jukebox

Oh, I’d have lost my chance

To hold you while you danced with me

I never appreciated that there was any connection between the jukebox and religion. But Wynonna did.

Jesus and a jukebox brings comfort to his soul

One says he’ll see her again, one helps him let her go

Carries that old cross right down to the last bar on the block

Praise the Lord and thank God for Jesus and a jukebox

While some may see the connection between the jukebox and Jesus Christ, others associate it with “cheatin’ women.”

Anywhere there’s a jukebox and a flashing neon sign

Anywhere there’s a woman with cheatin’ on her mind

Anywhere there’s music and warm red wine

That’s where you’ll find me until it’s closin’ time

Anywhere there’s a jukebox. Apparently they’re even a thing in Siberia. Possibly the live music scene isn’t that vibrant there.

Jukebox in Siberia

Pounding out hysteria

Get down get down Vladivostock

Drop a rouble in the slot of that

Jukebox in Siberia


(Thanks to Jackie, The Baseball Bloggess who gave me the idea for this post.)

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9 Responses to The Jukebox Story, In Song

  1. It’s so funny to read the lyrics that you only ever half listen to when they’re sung.

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  2. Yay! Jukebox songs about jukeboxes is like the Russian nesting dolls of popular music.

    I tip my age, but when I think of jukebox songs the three earworms that immediately swim in my head are Foreigner’s “Jukebox Hero,” which, admittedly, isn’t about a jukebox at all, Olivia Newton-John’s “Please Mr. Please,” which is and which fits neatly into your sad jukebox song category, and Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” which is a jukebox love song through and through.

    These jukebox posts are awesome’ness! 🙂

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  3. Enjoyed your post, Ken 🙂 The Jukebox wasn’t a part of our lives in Guyana as it was here in the USA. I suppose, very few of our local businesses could afford such an investment. The singers and songs featured are another story. Gene Pitney! I had completely forgotten about him. I was a great Gene Pitney fan. Back then, he was a hit on Guyana’s radio waves.

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  4. Pam Lazos says:

    And of course, Sir Paul (apologies if I shared this with you already, Ken).

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  5. Greg Long says:

    I remember jukeboxes when I was young 🙂 Also there is Teresa Brewers “Music Music Music” 🙂

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  6. BroadBlogs says:

    I had no idea there were so many songs about jukeboxes. Don’t see them much anymore, so I guess the songs have come to an abrupt end.

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