The Colors of the City

Richmond mural

Mending Walls is a public art project in Richmond, Va, the goal of which is to promote healing by having artists from different backgrounds tell their stories through their murals. The project was conceived by Richmond muralist Hamilton Glass. The name comes from a Robert Frost poem about two farmers who come together to mend a fence.

Freedom Constellations
Freedom Constellations: Dreaming of a World Without Youth Prisons, Performing Statistics
The Journey Forward
The Journey Forward, Nadd Harvin/Humble
In Conversation
In Conversation, Hamilton Glass/Matt Lively
Poe Museum
Two of several paintings covering the doors and windows of the Poe Museum in downtown Richmond

Beyond the Mending Walls project, Richmond is a city of murals with more than 150 adorning its public spaces.

Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond
Some folks in Richmond have added some color to the Robert E. Lee statue on Monument Ave.
empty pedestal
The fate of the statues of some of Lee’s Confederate co-conspirators have suffered a more definitive fate.
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2 Responses to The Colors of the City

  1. Donna Janke says:

    I am big fan of murals and street art in general, but find the murals particularly fascinating when they tell the stories of a place and its people. It looks like Richmond has a lot of interesting and thought-provoking murals.

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  2. Sam Gridley says:

    Agree with Donna. I especially like the mural of the bicyclists’ shadows.

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