Time Traveling the World at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Hunchbacked figure vessel
Hunchbacked figure vessel, Panama, 400-900 AD
Buddha, 600’s, Thailand
female torse
Northeastern India, 1000s
Nataraja, Shiva as the Lord of Dance, 1000s, South India
Japanese screen
Thirty-six Poetic Immortals, Tatebayashi Kagei, 1700s, Japan
Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco, Bernardo Bellotto, 1740, Italy
Interior of the Pantheon
Interior of the Pantheon, Giovanni Paolo Panini, 1747, Italy
The Secret Life
The Secret Life, Rene Magritte, 1928, Belgium
Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbre
Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbre, Max Ernst, 1944, Germany
Perseus's Last Duty
Perseus’s Last Duty, Max Beckmann, 1949, Germany
Fountain of Blood
Fountain of Blood, Malangahana Ngwenya, 1961, Mozambique
Lot’s Wife, Anselm Kiefer, 1989, German (you can’t tell from my photo, but this is a painting the size of the entire wall)
Treasure Box, Ai Weiwei, 2014, China
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3 Responses to Time Traveling the World at the Cleveland Museum of Art

  1. Kelly MacKay says:

    These are great pieces, Our Beaver Brook Art Gallery has been under renovation and with covid has been closed I miss it thanks for sharing yours

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  2. Nice to see my favourite hometown museum featured! I’ve always loved Lot’s Wife, though I honestly didn’t know that was what it’s called. I always just think of it as “the railroad tracks” in my head. I guess I’m too busy looking at it when I visit to pay attention to the signage!

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