A Century of American Art

from the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Stag at Sharkey's
Stag at Sharkey’s, George Bellows, 1909
Wood Interior
Wood Interior, Emil Carlsen, 1910
Holiday on the Hudson
Holiday on the Hudson, George Luks, 1912
A Woman's Work, John Sloan
A Woman’s Work, John Sloan, 1912
Markwippachj, Lyonel Feininger
Markwippach, Lyonel Feininger, 1917
Fifth Avenue, Childe Hassam
Fifth Avenue, Childe Hassam, 1919
A Paramount Picture, Reginald Marsh
A Paramount Picture, Reginald Marsh, 1934
Go Down Death
Go Down Death, Aaron Douglas, 1934
Gray Scramble
Gray Scramble, Frank Stella, 1968
Blue Rational
Blue Rational, Al Loving, 1969
Tea for Two, Robert Colescott, 1980
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