Wednesday’s Word: draw

Some of the things you can draw.


And that’s not all. You can draw water from a well or draw water for a bath. If you have a regular job, you likely draw a salary. If not, you may buy lottery tickets and hope to draw a winning number. If you do win some money it might be wise to draw up a will. You can draw straws and if the outcome is not so good for you, it can be said you drew the short straw.

There are all sorts of draws in the world of sports. In hockey it is a face off. In baseball, if the pitcher throws four balls, you’ve drawn a walk. There is a football play called a draw which is a running play that is designed to fool the defense into thinking you’re going to pass. In golf, a draw is a shot that hooks to the left (if you’re right-handed).

The draw. (John Macarthur)

Sports played in a tournament format will sometimes have a draw to determine who plays who. If you get a particularly easy or difficult opponent, it is said to be the luck of the draw. Popular teams or athletes are good draws and when they play they are likely to draw a large crowd. And if a game or match ends in a tie? You guessed it.

(Andrew Gearhart)

Draw can also be a thinking person’s word. If you are honing in on something, you are drawing a bead on it. You may draw a comparison that will help you draw a conclusion. But you might also draw a blank, which means it’s back to the drawing board.

And with that, the end draws near for this week’s Wednesday’s Word.

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Word: draw

  1. I’ll take the beer. Please draw me one.


  2. Never thought of so many meanings for this simple word! Maggie

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