Fluttering Flora and Fauna

Holiday on the Hudson

Cleveland Botanical Garden

The glass house at the Cleveland Botanical Garden is a replica of a cloud forest. It is modeled after the forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica. I have neither the equipment nor the patience to come up with pictures of butterflies, but there are so many here you can’t miss them.


and out in the gardens

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10 Responses to Fluttering Flora and Fauna

  1. We visited Monteverde and I remember some of those butterflies. So beautiful!

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  2. Donna Janke says:

    Monteverde sounds beautiful. Butterflies are such a cheerful thing to see.

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  3. I’ve actually never been to the Cleveland Botanical Garden because of the butterflies! I know it sounds stupid but I have a terrible phobia of butterflies – you couldn’t pay me enough to walk into a room full of them.

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  4. Those are some ripe bananas.

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