Owners of the Islands

The Galapagos Sea Lions

Galapagos sea lion

It was a cab driver in Quito who commented to me that the sea lions of the Galapagos are the “owners of the islands.” I didn’t come across anything to make me think otherwise. Whether you are landing on a beach in a panga, kayaking along the cliffs, or coming in face down with a snorkel, the sea lions are there to greet you and to offer up a play date. They’re not unlike puppies, just bigger.

Galapagos sea lion
This guy grabbed onto the rope that was attached to our kayak and took us for a ride.
Galapagos sea lion
Galapagos sea lion
And here’s a fur seal
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6 Responses to Owners of the Islands

  1. Donna Janke says:

    Wow. So cool! Great photos.


  2. Great pictures, I love the guy pulling the rope! I always love to drive over to La Jolla and watch the sea lions during pupping season.

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  3. a wonderful experience


  4. Such delightful photos. Love the one resting on the bench!

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