Lava Landscapes and Sunsets

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos are a group of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean that straddle the equator. They are part of Ecuador. They became part of the Ecuador National Park Service in 1959. The Galapagos has a population of 30,000, most of which are on San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabella islands. Only five of the islands are inhabited. When I visited last month it had been two months since the Galapagos had their last COVID infection. While the islands are primarily known for their wildlife which attracts visitors to play with the sea lions, swim with the sea turtles and gaze at the many species of birds, the Galapagos is also the setting for a good deal of unspoiled natural beauty.

Kicker Rock
Genovese Island
Sombrero Chino
Lava tunnel

Lava tunnel at Santa Cruz
Mangroves at Black Turtle Bay
Galapagos sunset
Santa Fe
Santa Fe
Santa Fe
Santa Fe
Crater at Los Gemelos
Crater at Los Gemelos

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8 Responses to Lava Landscapes and Sunsets

  1. You’re following in Darwin’s footsteps! Ken, it’s great you visited a beautiful and unusual locale such as this.

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  2. What an awesome adventure!

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  3. Donna Janke says:

    Great photos of the Galapagos landscapes and its unspoiled beauty. I’m seen a number of photos of the sea life from other travellers, but haven’t seen many photos shared about the land. Thanks.

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  4. Virona says:

    I feel like I can hear this picture!

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  5. Priti says:

    Wow so beautiful pictures of Galapagos Islands! And nice description. Thank you very much for sharing ☺️🙂😊😊🌹

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  6. Pam Lazos says:

    Haven’t made it here, yet, Ken, but it’s on the bucket list.


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