Southern Vermont Summer

Equinox Preserve

Equinox Preserve

Manchester, Vt.

The Equinox Preserve consists of 900 acres on the slopes of the Equinox Mountain. The land was donated by the Equinox Resort. The land and trails are maintained by the Equinox Preservation Trust.

Equinox Preserve
Equinox Preserve
Equinox Preserve
Equinox Preserve
Equinox Preserve
Equinox Preserve
Equinox Preserve
Equinox Preserve trail map
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8 Responses to Southern Vermont Summer

  1. Adam Zucker says:

    The essence of New England is represented nicely in these photographs. Looks like an amazing time! I have been yearning to get to VT. Have you been to Bread & Puppet?

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  2. Donna Janke says:

    What a lovely peaceful spot. Great photos. I can almost smell the woods.

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  3. Kelly MacKay says:

    Oh this looks like a gem. Great find.

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  4. jmankowsky says:

    I grew up Northfield, MA, on the border of Vermont. You have really captured that “Vermont-ness” I remember so well!

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  5. cmaribeth says:

    Beautiful Green Mountain State. I lived there a few years back in early 2000. Stowe, and Killington Mountains are a sight during the winter months. I remember getting lost one night on my way home to the Barre-Montpelier area.

    Photos are nicely done. Never made to Manchester, New Hampshire yes.

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