In Full Bloom

N.J. Botanical Garden

Ringwood State Park

The N.J. Botanical Garden consists of 96 acres within Ringwood State Park in the Ramapo Mountains. It was originally the estate of New York stockbroker Clarence Lewis who built the manor house (Skylands Manor) and grounds in the 1920’s. It was purchased by the state in 1966.

The gardens are open year round and are free of charge. They are maintained by volunteers.

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3 Responses to In Full Bloom

  1. Donna Janke says:

    Beautiful. I love gardens like this. How lovely that they are free of charge.

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  2. retrosimba says:

    Jersey proud to see this Botanical Garden is as beautiful as any in the world. Thanks for posting such an appealing variety of photos.

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  3. Gorgeous! I miss all that lush green since moving west.

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