Digital Deception: You know you’re a sockpuppet if…

(image by Karen Arnold)

(image by Karen Arnold)

…your profile picture is of an attractive young woman wearing a bikini.

…you put your cell phone number on your profile page

…you have thousands of likes on Facebook  and tag every photo 100 or more times

…but you don’t have any local friends

…you claim to be an executive of a major corporation on LinkedIn but don’t have a premium account

–your LinkedIn profile has a lower case first and last name, a minimally filled out profile and you work for a company with a generic name

…you have less than 50 connections on LinkedIn

…but you follow 2,001 people on Twitter (Twitter rules prohibit following more than 2,000 people until  2,000 people follow you)

twitter blank

…your Twitter bio is empty

…your Twitter URL has nothing to do with the first and last name on your profile.

(A sockpuppet is a false online identity used to deceive or spam other social media users.)

On the other hand, if you’re a real person who wants to avoid the spammers and scammers who are trying to connect, follow or friend you, here are some tools that may help:

(image by mzacha)

(image by mzacha)

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2 Responses to Digital Deception: You know you’re a sockpuppet if…

  1. Good things to point out, Ken. I’ve had “people” try to scam me on Facebook and LinkedIn. You have to pay attention when unknowns reach out. Sometimes they’re real, but alas, not always.


  2. Thanks for this post x


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