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Digital Deception: You know you’re a sockpuppet if…

You know you’re a sockpuppet
if… your profile image is of an attractive young woman wearing a bikini. Continue reading

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Digital Deception: Social Media’s Identity Conundrum Pt. 2

Both LinkedIn and Twitter have policies that reflect the way their services are being used. If, however, you want to be everything to everybody (Facebook) or if you are running from behind (Google+) the way forward is not so clear. Continue reading

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(Nearly) Live at Social Media Week – Journos With Their Ear to the Ground

If you attended a panel discussion with the title “From Headlines to Hashtags” you might expect to find a group of media types talking about how social has become a key distribution platform, about how they promote themselves and their … Continue reading

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Digital Deception: The Illusion of Influence

Let’s take a look at some of my recent new followers on Twitter. There’s @KieferBusby. I’d like to tell you something about Kiefer but I really can’t because his profile reads like this: “The most effective deal only for this … Continue reading

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