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(Nearly) Live at SXSW: In Silicon Valley, You Are the Product

Biz Stone on re-inventing search. Continue reading

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(Nearly) Live at SXSW: Searching Google for the Driverless Car

Google doesn’t know when. But they know why and are figuring out how. Continue reading

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Digital Deception: Social Media’s Identity Conundrum Pt. 2

Both LinkedIn and Twitter have policies that reflect the way their services are being used. If, however, you want to be everything to everybody (Facebook) or if you are running from behind (Google+) the way forward is not so clear. Continue reading

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The Content Quality Quest

If you have been anywhere near the neighborhood of digital publishing in the last couple years you may have heard some discussion about quality content. In fact you might have heard quite a lot about it. It has been posed … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Use SEO Like a Tabloid Headline Writer

I wrote this blog postĀ for Beyond PR and was immediately set upon by the SEO community as you can see from the comments. Good chance that a lot of those members of the SEO community have since re-imagined themselves and … Continue reading

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