Big Games in a Small Gym, The Sweet Sixteen Comes to Montclair

NCAA Division 3 Women’s Basketball Tournament

Sectionals (Round of 16)

Panzer Athletic Center, Montclair State University

NCAA Women's Division 3 basketball tournament

Salisbury 63 Amherst 58

Salisbury player takes jump shot about Amherst

Salisbury and Amherst players fighting for ballAmherst player at Panzer Athletic CenterSalisbury University coach watching gameAmherst College fans cheering during game

Montclair State 61 Bowdoin 54

Montclair State Red Hawk fans with painted facesMontclair State Unversity mascot the Red HawkBowdoin players relaxing before gameMontclair State players huddle during timeoutBowdoin players take the courtMontclair player dribbling during game against BowdoinAction from Montclair Bowdoin NCAA tournament game

One night later Montclair State beat Salisbury 68-44 to go to the women’s Divisin 3 Final Four.

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2 Responses to Big Games in a Small Gym, The Sweet Sixteen Comes to Montclair

  1. I’ve always been a basketball fan. Looks like it was fun.


  2. Great pictures! Love watching sports in person. On TV not so much. I’m from KY so you probably know how excited my husband is about the upcoming tournament.


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