March Madness in Brooklyn

The NCAA tournament made its first stop in Brooklyn this year. The Barclay’s Center hosted four first round games and two second round games. Participating colleges included UNC-Asheville, Iowa, Villanova, Temple, West Virginia, Stephen F. Austin, Notre Dame and Michigan. From that group, Villanova and Notre Dame moved on to the regionals.

Here’s what March Madness looked like in Brooklyn:


Costume party



This is so much better than having music blaring over the PA system

The peoples’ choice

Why do they all need suits at the end of the bench?

The suits

Villanova bench


Iowa celebrates

Iowa celebrates after last-second shot that beat Temple

His and hers

His and hers

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3 Responses to March Madness in Brooklyn

  1. maxwell ivey says:

    hi ken; sounds like you had fun. i was surprised to find out that a small college like steven f austin could afford to take their band all the way to new jersey. they are often a media favorite because of their nicknames. combined the teams are known as the lumberjacks and lumber jills. 🙂 yes even in today’s politically correct world they still exist and are pretty good i hear. and you missed seeing one of the best mascots the st. joes bird that never dies. the student inside that costume is required to flap his wings during the entire game regardless of the score. another mascot oddity is that during football games the lepricon is required to do pushups every time the irish score a touchdown. and he has to do them in a number equal to their score. in one game against navy in the 80’s that guy did over 200 pushups. thanks for sharing, max


  2. Jason @ says:

    That’s great that you had the chance to attend some of the March Madness games. I am patiently waiting for the event to come back to Atlanta. The last time it was here I had the chance to attend the free concert that they had at Centennial Park. I also got to see Bill Walton and David Robinson.

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