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History of Radio: The Enemies of Good Radio

Radio has been a victim of big data long before anyone used that term. Continue reading

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Coding Our Future: What Becomes of Human Judgement?

With a growing army of computers and massive stockpile of data, what kinds of decisions can computers make? Continue reading

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Coding Our Future: Smaller, Smarter and Everywhere

Introduction to a series of posts about how technology will change our future. Continue reading

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When Big Data Comes Up Small

Big data is not a substitute for vision, for effective decision making or for leadership. And if you don’t bring that to the table, no amount of data is going to be big enough. Continue reading

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The Use and Misuse of Big Data

What is big data? It’s a lot of data. There is no need to try to come up with some more sophisticated definition. That’s all there is to it. It is what it is. Big data got big because so … Continue reading

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