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A Wordless Wednesday gallery of public domain photos. Continue reading

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Work in America: Why is Full Employment So Unfulfilling?

Economists in the U.S. describe full employment as an unemployment rate that is between 4 and 6.4%. In October the unemployment rate was 4.1%. It had hovered around 5% throughout 2016. Depending on which economist’s definition of full employment you … Continue reading

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Coding Our Future: Technology and Jobs

While there is no question that technology disrupts the job market, the question of whether it creates or destroys more jobs has no clear answer. Continue reading

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Coding Our Future: What Becomes of Work?

After the march of the robots, what jobs are left? Continue reading

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Techonomy Policy Conference: The Sharing Economy and What It Means for Work

The on-demand economy and the unbundling of employment Continue reading

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On a Street Once Lined with Striking Silk Workers

On a quiet residential street in Haledon, N.J., one house stands out from its neighbors. It is taller, more stately, and much older. And it is a national landmark because of its role in the history of the American labor … Continue reading

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Growing Up in the 50’s: A Decade of DIY

A few years ago I read Shop Class as Soulcraft, by Mathew B. Crawford. The premise of the book is that modern man experiences a level of alienation because he is disconnected from his environment. He doesn’t know how anything … Continue reading

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Work and the Economy in the 2010’s: A Novelist’s Perspective

Some of the best insight I’ve read about the impact of current U.S. economic trends on individuals is in the last two Dave Eggers Novels, A Hologram for the King and The Circle. A Hologram deals with outsourcing, employment and … Continue reading

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My father had his own small business where he worked with his brother and their father. They repaired electric motors. The motors they repaired were about the size of footballs and generally came from appliances like washing machines or refrigerators. … Continue reading

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