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Marketing Content, With Fingers Crossed

An oft-cited story in the marketing industry this summer has been the Forrester survey of 113 BtoB marketers in which 51% characterized their content marketing efforts as only “somewhat effective.” That after an earlier Content Marketing Institute survey that found 42% … Continue reading

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Digital Deception: Astroturfers

There are times I’ve been traveling and looking for a decent dinner option, so I checked the listed local restaurants that got a five-star rating on Yelp. The last time I purchased a TV, faced with numerous choices that all seemed pretty … Continue reading

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Digital Deception: Do Your Viewers Have a Heartbeat?

One of the promises of the mature Web is the ability to track, to generate data about how many views and visitors come to a site and who they are. But with the availability of that data comes a vulnerability. … Continue reading

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The Content Quality Quest

If you have been anywhere near the neighborhood of digital publishing in the last couple years you may have heard some discussion about quality content. In fact you might have heard quite a lot about it. It has been posed … Continue reading

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Vote for the Ugliest Pirate Giveaway T-Shirt

I attend a fair amount of sporting events. Thus from time to time I am handed a t-shirt as I walk through the turnstile. This year I got two especially ugly ones. Both came from teams that use the name … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Use SEO Like a Tabloid Headline Writer

I wrote this blog post for Beyond PR and was immediately set upon by the SEO community as you can see from the comments. Good chance that a lot of those members of the SEO community have since re-imagined themselves and … Continue reading

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Assholes vs. Facebook

I wrote this short review of the book Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/634449320. As I usually do with my Goodreads reviews I shared it on Facebook. The next time I went to my time line on … Continue reading

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